A Splash of Colour

  • The concept for the firstwall painting



    The concept for the second wall painting

    A splash of colour,a burst of wonder  and loads and loads of raw artistic talent.In a few days,it will be weird to say that all those things are exactly what you’ll find on the same walls. I stand corrected, may benefitting to say that it is the artist that have thb enlists the at loads and loads of talent.
    Since time,immemorial artist have been painting walls.Some paintings are realism,some are abstract representation and many more.For today, we’re showcasing one of  best wall painting by the RMC students on the web.It enlists the creativity and talent of the student in designing,decorating etc and ofcourse making use of their talent in beneficial way.
    This all painting is done on one of the wall of classroom at RMC.This wall painting enhances the beauty of classroom with the glowing colours and thus,creating positive atmosphere in the class to study.This wall painting will also prove inspiration for other upcoming batches in future .
    The wall painting is the efforts of RMC students,making their bright career in the field of BMM (Bachelor Of Mass Media).Every raw  talent aims high and achieves the aims if guided with a strong base.Our college students knowledge and talent is utilized efficiently and are guided by the Co-ordinator-Isha Chowdhry and Director-Sunny Mehta.It was’nt possible without their guidance and support to the student to come out with their talent in glowing colours with a masterpiece.
    Concept:-The concept for the firstwall painting is their very own stream i.e focus on media,communication,photography etc.
    The concept for the second painting is the theme of very famous Oscar awards.