Plans Including More Limited Time Modes

  • Epic can also be making the sport more controller-friendly with Fortnite Weapons improvements on the Builder Pro and Turbo Building along with the introduction of aim aid in Edit Mode. The devs are also taking care of custom bindings that ought to make life a whole bunch easier for controller-users. Players may also look toward in-world markers, a larger resolution mini-map, better audio and footsteps, a much better replay system, better effectiveness, and much more Llamas. Find out more by going to the Fortnite official site.

    Basically, the matchmaking system couldn’t handle the significantly higher workload which caused issues with both Playground mode and also the default game modes. The upside is which the Fortnite developers have recently made changes that will prevent problems in the same nature from happening again. “The strategy of getting Playground stable and inside hands in our players was tougher than we might have liked, but became a solid reminder that complex distributed systems fail in unpredictable ways,” said Epic. “We were forced to generate significant emergency upgrades to the Matchmaking Service, however these changes will serve the overall game well even as we continue to develop and expand our player base into your future.”

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