US PC game charts: August 20-26

  • After a much bigger than a month primary, World of Warcraft was finally knocked on the number one slot inside Madden NFL Overdrive Coins game chart throughout  the week of August 20-26. According to weekly sales-volume rankings within the NPD group, which it was usurped throughout the debut of merely one other  mammoth title, Electronic Arts' Madden NFL .     

    Madden was the greatest--simply--all-new game inside PC top  charts. The classic compilation Warcraft III Battle Chest thundered back  into by far the most notable  nearly three years after its release, conquering seventh place. It was joined by another reentry, 2K Games and  Bethesda Softworks' Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in th.      

    The rest within the chart was filled by familiar faces. The Sims 2 began in third, in addition to Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Gold in fourth.  Nancy Drew: Danger By Design sleuthed its process to fifth, ahead within the Sims 2: Open For Business expansion pack. The film tie- in/minigame comp Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures finished in eighth, just in front with all the ever-popular "god game" Civilization IV.

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