Sony's Koller on $99 PS2, big E3 PSP software reveal

  • This week began with Madden Overdrive Coins that Sony was planning an essential announcement on Tuesday. Many believed what is this great will are the  long-awaited PlayStation 3 price drop which analysts finished up predicting all year round. Though it could cost Sony much-needed revenue-- this business reported a $2.9 billion lowering of January--this type of move can enable you to the PS3 rise beyond its third-place slot from the  console race.     

    However, once Tuesday rolled around, Sony announced a reduction not around the PS3, but of the elder brother, the PlayStation 2. Knocking  $30 off its old $199.99 cost will definitely attract cash-strapped consumers looking for cheap entertainment inside of a recession.

    However, today's $99.99 cost's very numerical makeup underlines the belief how the console is nine yrs . old, having first been  released inside the US in late 2019. So why did Sony usually drop the PS2's price now? When could it drop the price through the PlayStation  3?
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