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  • HUT 19 CoinsIf you focus on what bugs you all you will see is reasons to be bugged.Year 3 students are required to take a 15 day placement. E. Coffs Coast a vibrant and colourful region on the North Coast of NSW is synonymous with golden sandy beaches an island dotted coastline and where subtropical rainforest settings meet 270 million year old mountain escarpments. Now the real reason why i'm ranting about this is because of a few games that happened in my club yesterday. So it was a 2 2 game going into overtime. No team took any penalty's the whole game.

    Here a short list:Pucks going through sticks some of the time but not others HUT 19 Coins for sale sticks going through bodies with no effect on the puck some of the time but not others pucks going right through goalies pads sticks poking pucks away without ever hitting the puck players getting knocked down by big hits and then magically managing to pick up the puck AI defenders who are great on the puck but terrible off the puck (encouraging people to skill zone) terrible puck pickup logic that leaves players skating around in circles without ever trying to reach to pick up the puck screwed up player switching.Players are able to literally poke their stick through the puck carrier leg from behind and not only not get a tripping call but actually poke the puck away. Complete nonsense.Then there the god awful pivoting that leaves AI defenders spinning away from the play AI offensive players turning their back on the puck in the slot and human controlled players turning one way when the controller is clearly telling them turn the other.Those are just the most obvious gameplay flaws on top of which there the faceoff loop games not counting ridiculous menus. I think no matter what version of this game is released there are always going to be guys who don't understand that stats don't always equal skill. well done

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