Know About YouTube’s Top Tech Influencers

  • YouTube as we all know has moved beyond just the video-sharing app it used to be, it still remains till date; the second largest search engine in the world sequel to its parent; google. Today people market their products and services to millions of people across the globe daily. People also share their special moments for their friends, family and loved ones. If you really want to succeed in your marketing campaign, you need to know the top tech influencers on YouTube and how they can be of help to you. Most of these top-tech influencers can be found more on mobile gadgets and PC hardware. You can try and build relationship with some of these influencers if you're in the same line of business. You never know what the future holds. Let us see some of these top-tech influencers on YouTube and strategies to get free YouTube Subscribers.

    Techsource: This is a channel that majors in game reviews, both for PC and consoles. It also gives out facts on best tech deals every week. The owner of this channel is; Edgar Oganesyan. He has worked with top tech startups and Soylent and top brands like LG.

    LockerGnome: Chris Pirillo; a renowned person shares about the geek life daily on his channel. He also includes videos that review the latest smartphones and gadgets. He is known for voicing out his opinions openly, which makes him very unique.

    TechnoBuffalo: Jon Rettinger is one of the most renowned tech vloggers in the world. He happens to be the founder of Technobuffalo. He is a native of California, and he has partnered with leading brands such as; Qualcomm and Lenovo.

    LinusTechTips: This influencer focuses more on unboxing PC hardware such as; earphone, mouse, keyboard, motherboard, monitor, and casing. He will always add additional information related to the product he is unboxing.

    UrAvgConsumer: Judner Aura; he owner of the vlog calls himself “An average guy who loves tech” this name is self-acclaimed. He has well over 685,000 subscribers on his channel. He is one of the best in the game and has been able to touch the heart of many tech lovers. He has worked with top brands such as LG and Sony.

    CNETTV: This is a news website that also runs a YouTube channel to reach out to more people. They specialize in product review and how they work. They also carry out tutorial, technology news, and exclusive reviews. You can also find ways to buy YouTube subscribers.

    Jonathan Morrison: This is a man that has marked his name in the sands of time for tech vlogging. He has a lot of credit to his name including; charging an iPhone with fire, championed MIP; an $80 robot against a giant real life robot. Today he can be said to be one of the most creative tech experts in the world today. He has worked with top brands such as; AT&T, XFINITY.

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