Azar Do not care about your own data

  • Azar's recent days have been hard. In the last six games, Chelsea did not score or assist in the 10th. In this regard, Hazard said in an interview with Sky Sports that the data will not be bothering him and that winning the team is the most important.

    "In the past two months, I was not satisfied with my status. As a member of the team, the team's victory is the most important, not my own personal performance or data. I don't care about my data. As long as the team can win, my data does not matter."

    "If there is a chance to FIFA Coins score, I will try to shoot. If there is a chance for assist, I will choose to pass. I only hope to be able to enjoy the game on the court. Of course, when I win, it is the most I am on the court. Happy time."

    The Blues currently ranked fifth in the standings still have the opportunity to impact the top four. For this, Adjara said: "It is really difficult to enter the top four, but it is not impossible. We have six league games left. If we win We didn't enter the top four of these six games, but there is no regrets - at least we have done our best. Everything is possible on the football field. So we must have a firm belief, trust each other, and win every next one. a match."

    "We will naturally fight until the last moment. Every Chelsea player will fight for the team until the end of the season. If we win the trophy, then naturally it is the best. If not, we will regroup and come back next year. Of course we will. We hope that the team will appear on the Champions League stage every year, so we will do our best for the top four leagues. But as I said before, if we don't make it into the top four, then we will take the league title next season as new aims."

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