Fulham is reluctant to sell potential teenager Sesethan

  • If Fulham could successfully return to FIFA Coins the Premier League after this season, they decided not to sell Séseignon, a young player who is now closely watched by many giants in the next year.

    The 17-year-old is one of the most promising young players now, and many giants including Tottenham, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain all want to get the player.

    A lot of people thought that the teenager might leave the team this summer, but what we learned from the club is that if Fulham can upgrade to the Premier League next season, then they will reject all about Sese. Nyon's offer.

    Yokkanovic's team has recently been unbeaten for 20 consecutive games and currently ranks second in the English Championship and has the chance to directly advance to the Premier League. However, they are only one point ahead of Cardiff City, who is third in the rankings and playing less. There are still four final rounds in the current Championship.

    Although still very young, Séseignon has been firmly positioned in Fulham this season, and they are also playing an important role on the road to escalation opportunities. The youngster, who can serve as the left wing and left back, played 41 times in 42 games this season. He has scored 14 goals so far and has 6 assists.

    It is understood that if Fulham can successfully rise to the Premier League, Séseignon prefers to stay with the team because he can get enough minutes under Yokanovich.

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