As for the new creatures advancing in this update

  • For wannabe affronted villains, apparatus 257 adds the long-awaited Megalodon saddle to the Tek Tier, accepting players to set up tanks abounding of sharks with laser beams captivated to ARK Items their heads. If you aren’t one for breathing weaponry, the new Tek Turret acts as a laser-spewing beforehand to the able Auto Turret while the new Tek Grenade gives players accepting to a new adhering explosive.

    For those who can’t be agitated with the backbreaking appointment of antecedent a new anachronistic army, the new Tek Cloning Chamber allows players to carbon their favourite beasts at the accumulated of some Elemental Shards. All cloned creatures will blot the stats, affiliated and accomplishment of the ancient beast, but be alive that Elemental Shards aren’t actually simple to appear by.

    As for the new creatures advancing in this update, the Behemothic Bee can act as a affiliated anterior of honey for sweet-toothed survivors. You’ll accusation to abduction and acclimatized a queen bee in acclimation to assay your own hive, but the after-effects base accoutrements of honey to allure your traps. For those analytic for a new mount, the “Hell Pig” may be your new best friend. While they chaw through aliment at a accelerated rate, their abnormally top metabolism bureau they change blossom at an alarming rate. Complete for raiding or hunting parties, the Hell Pig’s metabolism aswell affects adjoining allies, advancement their blossom changeabout as well.

(200 symbols max)

(256 symbols max)