The NHL ushered in a spotlight

  • The NHL ushered in a spotlight, with the Buffalo Sabre 1-5 at home defeated to NHL Coins the Calgary Flames. Flames by Sam - Bennett, Mark - Yakovsky, Marc - Giannady, Sean - Monaghan and Doge - Hamilton break, the Saber just before the whistle by Casey - Nelson regained a Minute.

    Today is the festival of women all over the world, Tencent Sports first wish all female ice hockey happy holidays! The Flames suffered a series of four-game losing streak at the critical moment of the playoffs. They are currently ranked eleventh in the West and three points behind the eighth Sharks. Fortunately, they are about to face the Saber that has lost hope this season on the road. And the Senators team. The Sabers team started to make a big difference after taking Awendun-Kane off the trade, winning three of the last four races against the top three Lightning, Brown Bear and Maple Leafs in the Atlantic Division. Flame starting the game goalkeeper is the Ritchie.

    The Flames took the lead five minutes after the start of the first quarter. Yankowski returned to the front and returned to the goal. The ball hit the saber goalkeeper and shoved Johnson's ice skates towards the goal. Johnson rushed to save the ball and attempted to save the ball. Before the ball broke out of the door, Bennett, the flame striker, rushed to the ball and scored the ball directly against the incoming ball, leading Flames 1-0. 4 minutes after the comeback of the flame, Bennett ball into the blue line to surpass, Yankovsky inserted cross the middle of the road, the latter with the ball after the ball against Nelson's defense hit the door, the ball was hanging dead, flame 2 -0 leads.

    The second section of the first five minutes of the flame against the front of the saber in front of the siege, Michael - Fran return blue line from the left, Mark - Gandano vigorously shot after dribbling the ball, Johnson no response to the ball, Flames made 3-0 lead. This poor conceded Saber team once again exposed the bad defense no doubt, in the case of 5 to 5 Gandalone in the Blue Line with no less than 3 seconds did not go down the bar. A minute later the flame redouble their efforts, TJ - Brody outside the slot area with an "Ontario maneuver" throw off the defensive and spread to the left, Godelo resorted to a trick "horse riding Chebi" pass the ball to the right, The completely sabotaged saber defense line left Monahan behind a clean spot and the latter slammed the ball into the goal, leading Flames 4-0. Saber goalkeeper Johnson was also replaced by Lenner.

    The second section 18 minutes of the flame again scored a point, the use of strong play opportunities, Hamilton and Jordano pass back and forth at the Blue Line, Gadano lightweight wrist shot the ball pushed to the front, Reina saved the ball, plug Hamilton took a shot in the air, the flames in the second quarter will lead 5-0. Saw fans have to see the general trend have to exit, the scene of the flame fans even more than Saber fans. The third quarter Nielsen last minute into the game to save face a ball, the final Saber 1-5 defeat flame. Flame finally terminated his 4-game losing streak, still a glimmer of hope for the impact of the wild card.

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