The Hurricanes currently only two points away

  • Goalkeeper position, the team is expected to continue to NHL Coins send the main Conner - Hellebay, who had previously lost 6 balls in the face of predators team, the game in the face of the Red Underwing team he lost 3 balls, the performance is not outstanding, but the season average save rate reached 92.2% he will still give the hurricanes a huge test.

    The Hurricanes currently only two points away from the Columbus blue clothing gap, the team is still likely to reach the playoffs for the first time in nine years, but in front of the state behind the opponents are very hot, this situation Let the team not be missed in any game.

    Former field, a group is Jordan - Sordo play center, both sides are the veteran Justin - Williams and Bullock - McKinjin, two groups is Tuwo - Travaning partner Sebastian - Alho And Elias - Lindholm, the three groups are Derek - Ryan partner Victe - Lasker and Lee - Sri Lanka Sputnik, the four groups are Jeff - Skinner partner Lukas - Wal - Mart G and Phillip-di-zhuipi. The Hurricanes have chosen to evenly distribute the team's attacking hand, which gives them a very good average on the line-ups, Travaning is one of the highlights, having scored 5 assists and 1 assists in the past eight games, of which past 6 The game scored five goals.

    Backcourt, a group is Jack - Ray Ray partner Blake - Pei Sai, two groups are Noah - Hannifin partner Justin - Falke, the three groups are Hayden - Fowler Rui, three groups then It is Trevor - Van Rims Dick. Jack-sreven continues to play the core role at both ends of the court, having sent three assists in eight games.

    Goalkeeper position, the team is expected to continue to send the main ridge - Ward, he has saved more than 95% in the past two games, he will undoubtedly bring great test to the Jets.

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