This ball can be very clear to find the Maple Leaf

  • The first quarter of the game came up to the capital to NHL Coins play a strong opportunity to play, Betsterlun dribbling in the vicinity of the right ball to find a chance, he and Kuznetsov in front of the ball in front of the ball after the match, Kuznetsov three Maple Leaf defenders and goalkeeper interference eye-catching ball into the goal, the capital 1-0 lead. Capitals to keep the lead in less than two minutes by Maple Leaf to tie the game, Capitals in their own end area after the successful ballot, captain Carlsson in the bottom line when the siege was too hasty Maple Leaf Polk in the Blue Line steals, Polk homeopathic A sweep to the door, Chuck - Hyman plug the ball into the goal. Both sides war to 1-1 tie.

    And a minute later the capital once again lead the capitalists in the desperate Trillium - Tom - Wilson in the Maple Leaf floor and three Maple leaf players grab the ball and grab the ball back in front of the ball, Ovitchkin keep up with the homeopathic break Maple Leafs goalkeeper Anderson no response, the capital 2-1 lead.

    This ball can be very clear to find the Maple Leaf is still not well adapted to outdoor venues, the sense of defensive position is very bad, and goalkeeper Anderson also did not meet the night lights, the response is somewhat dull. Capital people take advantage of your illness to your life, 16 minutes Kuznetsov single-handedly kill the door, he pretended to take the ball homeopathic a return pass, keep up the Bakersfield easily scored the ball, the capital people The first section of the game leading Maple Leaf 3-1. Then Maple Leafs also won an excellent opportunity to face Kadri's goalkeeper Holt than mistakes to pass the ball between his legs, however, due to outdoor ice field conditions the ball just stopped at the goal line On the capital people escaped unharmed.

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