Rocket League is all about cars

  • Psyonix will release further details on exact timeframes for Rocket League Keys other 2018 updates after Tournament functionality has been added, but confirmed 2018 will see the addition of cross-platform parties and matchmaking, updates to the progression system, new arenas and features, and Xbox One X support.

    Rocket League is all about cars. Rocket League is popular. Thus, Rocket League and cars from popular culture go together like fluff and peanut butter. (It’s a New England thing.) Anyway, Psyonix’s soccer-car hybrid is no stranger to licensed brands. There’s the Back to the Future DeLorean, actual Hot Wheels models, and the goddamn Batmobile to name a few. Now Dom’s, the main character from The Fast and the Furious’, Dodge Charger will grace itself on the likes of Manfield.

    The announcement comes on the toes of the eighth Fast and Furious’ release (The Fate of the Furious). The movie will drop on April 14th while the Rocket Powered Battle Car will be available on April 4th. Also, yes that was a reference to Rocket League’s predecessor. The movie follows Dom’s apparent betrayal against the Fast and Furious crew we’ve come to know. But let’s be honest, no humanoid ape goes around screaming ‘FAMILY’ for seven movies and turns on its loved ones.

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