This chargeless weekend is accompanying

  • If you haven’t gotten the adventitious to NFL Coins aces up Madden NFL 18 yet, Microsoft is giving you a adventitious to dig into it. A chargeless weekend for the bold is aperture up tomorrow, October 19th, active up until Sunday. You’ll be able to do a lot of of the offline agreeable in the bold – including the cast new adventure approach – and yield allotment in the “Madden Ultimate Team,” or MUT, area 3v3 matchups can yield abode for aggressive players.

    This chargeless weekend is accompanying the aboriginal head-to-head championship in the Madden Aggressive Gaming Series, which is Madden’s advance to capitalize on the contempo bang of eSports. You’ll be able to watch the championship on YouTube through the links above, but you could aswell arbor up some credibility on Mixer. You can acquisition Madden’s Mixer approach here.

    If you’ve been on the fence about accepting the newest Madden NFL bold lately, you’ll acquire a acceptable befalling to try it out if a chargeless Madden NFL 18 weekend begins tomorrow on Thursday October 19, and runs until Sunday, October 22. The chargeless weekend will accurately be Xbox One exclusive.

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