The Premier League will introduce a winter break in the 2019

  • FA will always make a historic decision. All future FA Cup matches will be held in the middle of the week to make way for the winter break.

    The FA, the Premier League and FIFA Coins the British League (EFL) are said to have agreed on a two-week winter break each early February before the European war reopens. This decision will be implemented from next season.

    In this program, all fifth round FA Cup matches will be held during the middle of the week without any replay. However, the team's winter break is staggering, there will be five Premier League games in a weekend, the other five games in another weekend.

    The arrangement of FIFA Round 5 into the middle of the week means that FA will have to pay a penalty to overseas broadcasters, but this figure is unlikely to be large and Premier League will be required to reimburse lost television revenue. Premier League will get more than one weekend, although only half of the team to participate, but this is in the same broadcasters mind.

    However, the winter break does not apply to the Champions League, British A and British B. 46 games per season means extremely low schedule flexibility. In addition, EFL also insisted on retaining the League Cup semi-final for the two-leg match.

    Former FA chairman Greg-Dyck first called for a winter break in 2013, and CEO Martin Glenn pushed through the plan. Now this change has finally been put into effect.

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