Beijing February 22 NHL regular season continued

  • Beijing February 22 NHL regular season continued, Anaheim Ducks at home Honda Center ushered in the challenge of Dallas stars. In the past seven games duckling made a 5-1-1 record, the campaign they aspire to NHL Coins impact the longest four-game winning streak, Ryan - Miller replace the injured first goal of John - Gibson appeared; the same star team state Good, with 6-2 in the past 8 games and 10 goals in the last 15 games to limit the opponent's goals to 2 goals and below, and today they did it again, but unfortunately their offensive end Completely did not open, eventually duck home 2-0 finished star team, the impact of four winning streak success.

    Milton on the first section to replace Gibson's first brush to create a wave of presence, the first 2 minutes Matthias - Jan Marc against Miller in front of the ball, but his two shot attempts are the latter lightweight Out, duckling get counterattack opportunity.

    The first goal of the game appeared in the first section of 13 minutes and 15 seconds, belongs to the ducks of the strong fight time has just begun, Gazzet left the top of the ball dispatch area arc shot, the ball bounced to the other side after the big empty Bit, Hampshire - Linde Holm easily put forward the ball forward, 1-0, duck take the lead in taking advantage. All of this ball's attention is on the side of Ghrave, Lindholm really picked up a "Chinese cabbage."

    The second section of the second section of the star team goalkeeper Bishop also stood out a show of defense, the star team has not yet been out of the blue line was steals down, Perry in front of the ball and Bishop formed a single-pole trend, but Bishop a big hand Put the ball into the glove, how a chic.

    Sub-section end of the field is still the score 1-0 home team lead, injection is also slightly better duckling 8-7.

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