NHL absence Winter Olympics did not change the ice hockey patte

  • PyeongChang Winter Olympics is still in full swing, hockey game is also NHL Coins fierce fighting. Although the NHL players missed the tournament, but did not affect the Olympic Games ice hockey game exciting. Although the strength of the traditional ice hockey damaged, but the strong heritage so that they still seem invincible. Hockey world the pattern has not changed.

    First look at the women's game. Different from the large number of outstanding players in the absence of men, women's competition in various countries have sent their strongest lineup, North Korea team to join the gimmick is to murder a lot of film reporters. But off-field things off-site count, really to the field or rely on hard-line to speak. North Korea and South Korea were the first two games were mad with Sweden and Switzerland irrigated eight goals, the last rely on the other goalkeeper errors barely scored a goal, the final result is 3 games are negative, lost 1 goal 20 balls.

    Look at the group stage of the war and points, the world's top four teams were divided in the A group. 3 rounds of group race, the world number one Canadian 3 war victory 9 points ranked first in the group, ranked second in the United States 2 wins and 1 loss 6 points in the second group, ranked third in Finland 1-2 Plot 3 points in the third group, ranked fourth in the Russian Olympic team lost 3 games 3 points team bottom. All games are in the normal time to determine the outcome, no experience of overtime. And apart from the one-goal difference between the United States and Canada, the smallest difference in other games is also three goals. It can be clearly seen, in addition to the strength of the United States and Canada, the world rankings every bit, the strength of the gap is very obvious. Finnish team no chance in the face of the United States and Canada, but they can easily 5-1 behind the Russian Olympic team behind them, while the Russian Olympic team in the face of the United States and Canada even more nothing to fight back, lose Two 0-5.

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