Embid I hope to give the Philadelphia fans the same championshi

  • 76 people today beat the Wizards 115-102, after NBA Live Coins the match 76 Joel - Debbie side of the scene by the media interview.

    "I'm offensive, we've just had a tough game, we're playing against the Pacers, we just want to play offensively, especially on the defensive end, and Philly is getting upset now so make sure we play for them A good show, "Embi said.

    In the 52nd Super Bowl that ended, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots for the team's first Super Bowl trophy.

    When it comes to Philadelphia, Embiid said: "I know you guys all saw it on the video. Now the city is crazy. I'm crazy, great. I hope we can bring Philadelphia fans in the future The eagle brought them something. "

    In addition, Embid hope that the team can get a winning streak before the All-Star break.

    In today's game, Embi struck 32 minutes, 10 voted 20, got 27 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks.

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