From the fouls count saw Sanchez morale strengthened

  • Sanchez's Manchester United career has just begun three games, but he has been fouled 15 times. When you rely on his performance on the court, you need to consider that opponents will be fouled every 17 minutes.

    Sanchez against Huddersfield by a man down by 7 times, this is the record of the Premier League this season. Is the opponent is not staring at the highest paid people in the Premier League to foul it?

    Players will not play Sanchez for his weekly salary of £ 600,000. In fact, this is a very simple matter, but it is worth noting that nobody is technically good enough to snatch the ball under his feet in the single-on-one situation.

    When Sanchez is in his best form, he is the perfect FIFA Coins representative on the pitch, he can run the ball. He can even frighten his opponent's center-back when he plays the ball. Suarez and his situation is very similar, when you get the ball and into the danger zone, you are likely to suffer foul.

    This is not a coincidence, in the last three games in Arsenal, Sanchez fouled a total of four opponents. He was once again attracted by the prospect of this transfer, he did not seem to have the desire to get the ball.

    All this now shows how much Sanchez wants to impress Manchester United fans. He has recovered his former self, just as Arsenal fans fell in love with him.

    When Sanchez and Manchester United signed, I said that Sanchez was born to play for Manchester United, Sanchez will soon get fans of all ages.

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