Valverde Nou Camp low attendance rates for a reason

  • Barcelona coach Valverde evaluated the victory after FIFA Coins the team defeated Valencia: "We took control of the game, but the opponents played well and their defense did a good job, and of course it was a good result as we Winning, but there is a second playoff round to kick in. We have to lock in the second leg of the promotion. "

    For the current week's double-team status, Barweder said: "We played a lot of games this month, with few breaks between the two games, it's Friday now and we have to play one Match, so we will make the appropriate adjustments. "

    For today's low attendance at Camp Nou, Valverde explained: "I think there are many reasons: the race is too late, the weather is too cold, the race is on weekdays ... and we have to do only the best on the court The performance, let the fans enjoy the return.

    Valuation of Coutinho's performance, Valverde said: "If Messi in the middle of the road, Kudiniao can go to two sidewalks, he has the ability to cut the edge of the road, I started let him on the right activities , But Iniesta changed him to the left after it ended.

    Valverde also praised Ummedi: "It is a good thing to have a reassuring player such as Umberto. He is quick to fill and has a very wide coverage."

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