Raiola Moises Keane worth 75 million euros

  • Raeola said in an interview FIFA Coins that his client, Moeis-Keane, was worth 75 million euros.

    Genoa's 16-year-old striker Pellegri previously joined Monaco at a price of 25 million euros, while Rajola said in an interview: "If Pellegrin can sell 25 million euros, then I think the value of the small Keane 75 million euros, I think he is better than Pelegri. "

    "There are many more things that Pellegri needs to improve, and he can become one of the best players in the world, and if Monaco can stay with Pellegrri over the next three years, he'll do better."

    Keane, 17, is currently renting in Verona and has four goals in 16 games. Pellegri only made eight appearances in Serie A total and scored three goals.

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