Biography Naples will sign the Ajax winger Eunice with 5 millio

  • Several media outlets, including DiMaggio's personal FIFA Coins website, reported that Naples has reached an agreement with Ajax to pay 5 million euros this month to sign German winger Eunice without waiting until this summer.

    The 24-year contract between Younis and Ajax will expire in June, and Naples has reached personal terms with him to avoid the German left winger by the end of the season.

    But now the negotiations between the two clubs seem to have made positive progress and the deal is expected to be completed early this month. It is reported that Ajax will receive 4 million euros transfer fee, in addition to one million bonus terms, You Nice is expected to be subject to medical examination by the end of this week.

    Earlier media reports, Eunice rejected the English Premier League Swansea 10 million euros offer, because he just want to join Naples. In Naples, Germans receive a yearly salary of 1.5 million euros.


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