Mariano Jovi made a breakthrough

  • 2017-18 season French League Cup 1/16 finals race started. In one of FIFA Coins the contest, Lyon 3-2 Monaco smooth promotion.

    The game started in Louis II Stadium. The first 13 minutes, Fabinho right-sided free kick in front of the ball, Jovitic leap high head tapping succeeded, 1-0!

    The first 21 minutes, Tai Teh teammates long pass the right high speed plug the header ferry to the restricted area Road, Traoré shot in front of the game to tie the game, 1-1!

    The first 25 minutes, Sidi Bei carelessly self-defense, the ball shovel into their own home, 1-2!

    Easy side battles, the first 55 minutes, Traoré left accurate cross to the front, Mariano plug header dead, 1-3!

    Since then the two teams no longer accomplish, the final reversal of Monaco Lyon cut.

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