Klopp We can not lose the core players frequently

  • Liverpool coach Klopp admitted in an interview that he needs to FIFA Coins make Anfield a player who can not afford to let go, and his first player to retain is the German midfielder Emre-Zhan.

    The German international contract with Liverpool left the last six months, which means that this summer he can choose to leave Anfield free transfer. It now appears that such possibilities are becoming higher and higher, the Italian giants Juventus and Premier League leader Manchester City have shown interest in him.

    Taking into account this Merseyside club has just lost the team midfielder Kudiniao, Brazil's face the temptation of Barcelona decided to leave. If at this time Emre - Zhan and free transfer leave, it is undoubtedly a huge blow to Klopp. The team is showing good momentum right now and they have maintained 18 unbeaten games in all competitions. The last round of the league they defeated the mighty Manchester City 4-3, proved themselves the same can not be underestimated team.

    Klopp admitted in an interview that he could not afford to let more top players leave. He said: "There are other football clubs out there too, and the players may be able to get started, something that is still possible in the future, perhaps for sure. It's not a big problem, but we can not afford it. Too often, let's say that we have to make it hard for the player to leave here, and we have to create an environment in which the players want to stay. "

    Emre-Zhan played an important role in the absence of team captain Henderson. The young midfielder became the most watched European football player. In the 4-3 victory over Manchester City, Emre-Zhan played a key role in midfield scraping and scheduling. But his contract with the club is only six months left, and he can move freely this summer to leave. Klopp said he will continue to use the lover even if the midfielder will eventually leave.

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