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  • According to "Photo newspaper" report, with Lewandowski FIFA Coins and Hummelles will comeback in this round, only to pick 18 people into the list of Heynckes this round is bound to stand from 20 first team Players homes to remove the two players, put them on the stands.

    "Pictorial" analysis, the current Bayern health team can play a healthy standing star are: Urrech, Stark, Boateng, Hu Myers, Jules, Kimi Xi, Rafinha, Arabba , Bernat, Martinez, Vidal, Torrizo, Rudy, Jero, Ribéry, Robben, Kommen, Muller, Levan, Wagner, have traditionally been favored by players and helped by injuries The Heynckes, who is automatically rotating, may need to do something unpleasant for some of the players at the moment, and the photo newspaper said two people who may be discarded may be in Wagner, Bernat, Rudy or Toloxone produce.

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