Bordeaux winger Malcolm apologizes to fans

  • Bordeaux lost to Caen last night 0-2, Bordeaux striker Malcolm laughed and many Brazilian players after the game and joked with each other, aroused dissatisfaction with the fans. Malcolm posted FIFA Coins on Instagram, apologizing to fans. However, he later deleted this apology message, it is learned Malcolm was asked to explain the video content.

    He wrote on Instagram: "After the match with Caen ended yesterday, Cafu's wife sent a video on her private Instagram account, arousing discontent and anger from fans. In the video, we want to give ourselves This is the reason why we are in love when we show the beloved people the winter of Bordeaux, and we immediately removed the video after we saw the disturbance caused by this video. We never felt we had no respect for the clubs and the fans when we just wanted Send messages to parents and friends in Brazil We apologize to all the fans who feel they've been offended and Bordeaux cheer up. "

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