Lu Wei scored 50 points

  • In today's NBA regular season, Golden State Warriors NBA Live Mobile Coins ushered in the Clippers challenge at home, the Warriors, Curry and Thompson this truce, Durant comeback, with the way - Williams cut his career The highlight of the new high of 50 points, the Clippers reversal defeat the Warriors 125-106, ending the defending champion's five-game winning streak.

    Clippers, Louis - Williams scored a career high of 50 points, of which the third quarter scored 27 points, in addition to seven assists, Wallace had 22 points and six rebounds and four assists, Jordan Jordan 10 points and 12 rebounds, CJ-Williams got 12 points away from injury, Harrell 14 points and 7 rebounds; Warriors, Durant scored 14 of 14 shots scored 40 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, career points exceeded 20,000 points, Pa Chu Liya 12 points and 5 rebounds, Green 7 points and 10 rebounds and 4 assists, Andre Iguodala 9 points, Nick - Young 7 points, Livingston 8 points and 4 assists.

    After the start of the game, Jordan dunks NBA Live Mobile Account two dunks, CJ-Williams scrambled in consecutive hurricanes scored 8 points, Pachulia even cast penalty with 6 points Durant also consecutive storm scored 6 points, Nick - Young Air cut Layup and then into the third, Lu Wei long shot and then assists Harel layup, the two teams fought on the attack. Durant Biao into the third McKee hook hand hit, Halleyr basket into the three-ball CJ-Williams third forward, Andre Iguodala scored 7 points. With Durant pitching jumper, the Warriors 35-32 lead Clippers end of the first quarter.

    The second section, Wallace Biao into the third Reid basket throw, McCall and Decker each send empty layup, Clippers go-ahead 4 points. In the two teams two minutes after the blacksmith, Durant stand up jump shot, 3 + 1 also pull the vote in the cast, and then double assists Bell dunks, the unit led the 12-2 climax once again go-ahead. Lu Wei in the vote after even into the third, to help the Clippers catch up. Caspian scored four points, Durant another third, and hit the emergency stop in the cast, career scores break twenty thousand points. Warriors to maintain the lead, halftime, the Warriors 62-58 Clippers.

    The second half, CJ-Williams breakthrough layup injury exit, Pachulia dunks scored Durant even scored 5 points, Evans broke one-third of the points to respond to the third step of Lu Wei, Green and Livingston successive Free throw, Warriors maintain the lead. Wallace scored 5 points, the Clippers attack Durant, Lu Wei breakthrough layup continuous CIC throwing cast and one-third of a personal scored 15 points, led the Clippers shot 19-4 go-ahead 6 points. Green and Kasby to help the Warriors to stop bleeding, Lu Wei made two free throws and then go beyond three points, the Clippers 97-90 end of the three leading Warriors. Road Wei singles scored 27 points.

    The last paragraph, the Clippers substitute Wallace and Harel under the leadership of successive scoring, the Warriors only Green scored a goal within six minutes, Clippers shot a wave of 14-2 will be widened to 19 points. Durant CIC also joined the two two-thirds to help the Warriors to stop bleeding, Lu Wei difficult throw two free throws all the way into Biao far beyond the third, Wallace and Harrell continue to cut points, the Clippers will be 15 minutes or so Stay ahead of the lead, the Clippers beat the Warriors 125-106.

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