Raven will comeback on the 14th Pistons

  • According to reports from the U.S. media, the Bulls executive NBA Live Mobile Coins vice president John Parkson said team defender Zach Lavin will comeback against the Pistons at home this Sunday (January 14) and usher in the season's first show.

    By then, Lavin's playing time will be limited, about 20 minutes or so, and will not play back-to-back before the All-Star break. "Lavin is ready to play, and he's been waiting for the moment (coming out) for a long time," Paxson said.

    Turning to the coming back, Ravin said: "I'm very happy to be back on the court to do what I want, and I wanted to come back two months ago, so I'm really excited at this moment."

    Lavin suffered an anterior cruciate ligament tear in February last year, followed by season reimbursement and absence so far. Offseason, as one of Jimmy Butler's chips, Levin was sent to Chicago by the Timberwolves.

    Bulls manager Fred Hoyborg said he has not yet decided whether Lavender will return to the starting lineup or reserve for the recovery. "We've always had confidence in his recovery," said Hoyberger. "We're excited now We are always waiting for this moment!

    The 22-year-old pulled last season for NBA Live Mobile Account the Wolves played 47 games, averaging 37.2 minutes played, surrendering 18.9 points and 3.4 rebounds and 3.0 assists data.

    The Bulls currently record 14 wins and 27 losses, ranked third from last in the east. January 11, they will be guest war Knicks.

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