Bobo To Love Verne getting back the race is tough

  • Spurs today 103-89 victory over the sun, after the game Spurs NBA Live Coins coach Gregg Popovich interviewed by reporters.

    Popovich commented on the team's performance. "After the first race, I think we played pretty well."

    Popovich talked about the performance of team striker Ferrell-Roverne, who said he suffered an ankle injury early in the season for Lowvergone, followed by a continuing hand injury that sought to recover His own game is not easy. Lovellne played 15 minutes this game 4 vote 1 to get 3 points and 6 rebounds.

    The match Spurs forward Ke Huai - Leonard played 29 minutes 19 shots in 9, 21 points and 3 rebounds and 3 assists and 4 steals 3 blocks. Popovich assesses Leonard's performance by saying: "Koch is more comfortable playing every game."

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