Former Scout Mike Guinness

  • Liverpool FC, which introduced a new aid of 75 million pounds this week, is now the most valuable defender in history. Regardless of the huge transfer fee aside, Van Dyke's joining is expected to FIFA Coins solve Liverpool's defensive stamina in the past few months, which seems to the Red Army would be a wise deal.

    When Van Dyke at the peak at the time of the game, people generally regarded him as the best Premier League player in the Premier League. The addition of the Dutch international is expected to be able to better strengthen coach Klopp four-guard system and can help the team win more games.

    There have been many appearances this season when Liverpool lost third point to the game because of a sloppy goal-loss and Everton and Arsenal are good examples.

    Bringing the clock back to 2013 when Van Dyck moved to the Suchas Celtic from Groningen, the Dutch club, found him a senior scout called Neal McGuinness, who is currently Is working in Qatar Football Association. In an interview with BBC, McGuinness said Liverpool completed an excellent signing and explained Van Dyke's attractive place.


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