Cavani Kicking a ball such as fishing

  • Cavani has scored 25 goals in 26 matches played against LOLGA Paris this season. In an interview, Cavani believes his usual hobby has created himself.

    Cavani said, "fishing makes me calm and quiet, as a forward player, which is good for me, especially my eyes."

    "You need to wait for the fish to catch the moment, and then catch the fish, from my position on the field, and fishing about the same, you need to wait for an accurate time to attack as I waited for the fish to hook, Then grab them. "

    "You have to be patient and focus and act immediately, just like when you play, until the time comes and start attacking."

    "It's different from what I was thinking of when I was a kid, but when I grow up, I'm going to tie these things to where I am on the court, which gives me a successful career that will keep going ball."

    When talking about his relationship with Neymar, the Uruguayans said: "We have a very good relationship, we are all professional players and our common goal is teamwork and the club."

    "When the team signed Neymar, everyone was happy because he was a very good player and that was a good thing for the club and we were really excited about the problem that a lot of people did not get the right information So, there is so much misunderstanding. "

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