Manchester City take 18 wins winning streak will break the Euro

  • Manchester City victories in Newcastle, so, Guardiola's team will LOLGA refresh their winning streak this season to 18 games. With 19 wins and 1 draw in 20 rounds, Manchester City has won on the field since the 3-1 2-1 assassination of Bournemouth, which is what Guardiola has handed over to Manchester City this season. It is worth mentioning that, after winning 18 consecutive victories, Manchester City from the longest winning streak in Europe record (19 winning streak) and only 1 game away, and that the longest winning streak is also the founder of Guardiola .

    Historically, the longest winning streak in the top five leagues has been maintained by Bayern, with Bayern winning 19 straight in the Bundesliga in the 2013-14 seasons, and the winning streak of the five European leagues has been maintained for four years . Interestingly, when Bayern's coach was also Guardiola, and then Guardiola the second consecutive winning streak in the bag, but also may refresh their record created. According to the Premiership schedule, Manchester City followed by the two rivals Crystal Palace and Waterford, respectively, according to the current state, Manchester City's record of breaking Bayern might only be a matter of time.

    When this victory for Manchester City also has a special significance, after winning Newcastle, Manchester City will be their own away streak record to 11 games, which also made Guardiola's team tied Chelsea, and Chelsea Share the longest winning streak in Premier League away games. Earlier, Chelsea had created this record between April and December 2008, and Manchester City is also likely to break the record by the last day of 2017.

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