Carrefour key moment when the cut 7 points

  • Knight 115-112 home win over the Bulls. Cavaliers 9 Lot 9 out of 9, high efficiency NBA Live Coins scored 27 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists. Minute moment, Carrefour a one-third, a shot inside the turn, there is a kill, one scored seven points to help the Knights lead to the end.
    As a knight opening main attack, Carrefour's first section of the state is still hot, won a knight 7 points out of 5 points. Including a strong kill kill the basket after the hit, and then take the third pass after James pass dry. In order to make the Knight more advantage of alignment, Knight sent Foley starter Carrefour on the position of Markin Ning, Carrefour first section of a person got 10 points, third-quarter precision regulator Bulls rookie.
    The middle of the second quarter, Carrefour Lopez has a very wonderful breakthrough hook shot layup also caused Lopez's foul; followed by a round pick Markalkin, bottom line breakthrough came to the basket assists empty cut Claude layup. After returning from the second half, the Bulls changed their position, defending Foley Lopez with Carrefour, Carrefour scored 4 points against Lopez, a two-point long layup and a layup with a ball over the top.
    After the end of the second half of the Lok Fu replaced Wade, the remaining 4 minutes left when Carrefour dropped 45 degrees, receiving James pass Yangman hit third, the Cavaliers will lead to expand to 5 points. Then a round, Carrefour empty cut inside the jumper to stand up again. The remaining 1 and a half minutes left, it is Carrefour ball turn around the ball caused by killing two free throws.
    After the festival, half a section of Carrefour scored seven points, beat the Bulls and Marcainen Lintis double inner double, becoming the most stable points in addition to James Knight. After the audience kicked off, Carrefour 15 voted 9 efficient cut 27 points and 7 rebounds, 3-of-8 shooting 4.

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