I have seen the dawn of the end of the tunnel

  • Cavaliers home to 115-112 win over the Bulls. Knight player NBA Live Coins Isaiah Thomas has not played for the season due to a hip injury. Before the game, little Thomas this season for the first time with his teammates before the warm-up. This is also the first time Thomas Thomas wearing a knight uniform instead of a suit sitting on the bench to watch the game. After the match, Thomas talked about his recovery in an interview.

    "That means everything," said Little Thomas, "and when I warm up before the court, it feels like I'm back in rookie, it's like the first battle of my career and I have not been there for a long time It was a fresh feeling now with my teammates, and I've been in a truce since May, so getting warm-up before the game can make my face smile, which means it's everything, wearing a shirt and feeling me It's a member of the team getting closer and closer to my return. "

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