Defrey Can renewal with Lazio

  • According to the Italian media Football-Italia reported LOLGA  that in an interview with the club's official music channel, De Furry said he also said he could not renew the contract with Lazio.

    At the end of the season, Dreyfus and Lazio's contract will expire, he will be free to choose when the transfer, and this also means that he can reach an agreement with other teams in February.

    Derek and Lazio renewal negotiations dragged down for several months, Inter, Juventus, Liverpool and Manchester United and other teams are vying for the Dutch international.

    While attending the club Christmas, Devereux told Lazio Music Channel: "I've been trying to improve myself and I hope so in 2018. I do not know what's going to happen when the contract is renewed."

    Speaking on the impact of the former VAR penalty on Lazio, Devereux said: "Today is a happy day, everyone is smiling. We did a good job and looking forward, the past is past and we should be more focused The future. "

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