Rocket League latest agreeable update

  • Though some players animosity Crates Rocket League rank resets, I feel like accepting some arrangement of displace is a abundant way to bang off a new season, aback the accession (doing nothing) is somewhat underwhelming for a new season's beginning. A bendable displace is a abundant compromise, aback it will abode a lot of players abutting to their antecedent accomplishment level, but acceptance outliers to be adapted to added applicable ranks.

    Rocket League's latest agreeable update, Salty Shores, alien a scattering of '80s-themed agreeable styled afterwards sun-bleached beaches and the retina-searing citrus tones that arise with them, including a albino new map. The amend has gone down appealing able-bodied overall, there's just one little problem: humans can't see the freaking ball.

    Finally, the amend comes with a new set of tunes for the Rocket League soundtrack: 'Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3.' These new songs will hopefully add arrangement to the soundtrack that we've all arise to apperceive afterwards hundreds of in-game hours.

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