Payton Manning Rick needs more training to restore the status

  • With a right shoulder injury,pony quarterback Andrew Luck has not touched Buy Madden 18 Coins the ball for a long time.His predecessor,Peyton Manning,also missed the entire season due to a neck injury (2011) and is therefore able to empathize.

    In an interview,Manning said: "Injuries vary from person to person,but they also have something in common.For me personally,I like to participate in all training.If I train less than others,I feel I am falling behind.I also have to spend a few games to get back the state,so it is very important to recover as much as possible during the training.After the neck injury returned,I adjusted my way of playing,asked the wide receivers,what did the ball pick up,and It's better than before...It feels like it's going to feel the game again: it's hit,it's done to the player who's been flagged,it takes two minutes to score,etc."

    The colt plans to let Luck resume the pass before the start of the training camp in 6.14.He also hopes that he can play in the regular season.

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