Like Sakuragi who is red and bloody

  • However, if there is a will to do something, when he starts to truly identify one thing and put all his heart into it, the person who can tolerate the same basic training of tedious and tedious work will have the potential of genius. To insist on the word is easy to say, and even experts have studied it. Perseverance is a kind of trait that is inherent to Madden Mobile Account people. It is not something that everyone has. The cherry trees that can persist in shooting 20,000 shots of the devil's special training, and Perez in this article, are geniuses in this sense, and have nothing to do with their own physical conditions.


    Like Sakuragi who is red and bloody, she completed the devil training with 20,000 shots. In the face of Shanwang Gong Gao's midfielder who made a counter-attack to win the buzzer, the reluctant Perez was disgusted by his teammates. In mocking, he insisted on waiting until the teammate who was in front of him moved to school, left the team, changed his position, suffered injuries, and he always insisted on waiting. He finally became the first substitute on the quarterback position. And when the first quarterback in front of him fell due to injury, Perez finally waited for his own moment. Just did not think that this moment he looked forward to, but it is so short, after three games, Perez's leg fractures, season reimbursement.

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