According to the British Daily Mail news

  • Just this weekend, Chelsea will usher in the FA Cup final with Manchester United. This is Chelsea's final match of the season and the last chance for them to compete for the championship. However, just before the match, Chelsea coach Conti once again made controversial remarks, he still said firmly in the case of Chelsea's poor record this season: he is a Chelsea hero, because he has done his best.

    According to the British "Daily Mail" news, before the final of  FIFA 18 Coins the FA Cup, Conte revealed in an interview with the media that he did not know whether he would stay in Chelsea, but the Italian coach is also very firm that he is Chelsea's hero, he has already paid for Chelsea.

    "To be honest, I don't know what the future will be like." In the pre-match press conference against Manchester United, Conti shook his head while talking, and he didn't know what would happen after he and Chelsea's two-year contract expired.

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