Texas people want Thierry Mathew to focus on safety

  • Tyrann Mathieu is one of the most important signings for  Madden Mobile Account  Texas residents this year. "Candied" had once played cornerbacks and safety guards in the Cardinals. This unpredictability will also make the other side feel brainwashed. But during the Texans, coach Bill O’Brien hoped he could focus on safety.

    O'Brien said in an interview: “We talked about this issue long ago. We told him that he valued his omnipotence, but he also hoped that he would be able to do something special. For Matthew, this advantage is Security."

    Matthew himself did not comment on this arrangement. He said: "This is the reason why I chose to play for the Texans. I do have a lot of skills but I want to concentrate on the same position. Most of the time I was coaching with me. It's based on intuition, but does it really make me improve and improve?"

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