With the closing of the major leagues

  • However, in addition to the Premier League's several giants, La Liga giants Barcelona also very much want to get Coulibaly. Barcelona's main central defender of this season is only Pique and Um Titi, Vermaelen and Miner are still difficult to become the choice of Valverde key time, in the just-concluded La Liga round 37, Barcelona was Levin Special scored 5 goals, which accelerated the pace of Barcelona high-level introduction of the central defender, according to the Spanish media "World Sports" reported that Coulibaly's contract has 70 million euros in the cancellation clause, which is acceptable to Barcelona range.

    This is the top four potential buyers that have surfaced. If Naples is really determined to FIFA 18 Coins bid 100 million for Coulibaly, then this deal is very cost-effective for Naples. After all, 4 years ago, Coulibaly was brought from the Genk Club and Naples spent only 7.75 million Euros.

    With the closing of the major leagues, the summer transfer window is about to open, and each club has already begun signing-up preparations. According to the British daily “Daily Mirror” report, La Liga Real Madrid will introduce an excellent one this summer. The goalkeeper, but this time the number one goal is not Manchester United's goalkeeper Degea, but Chelsea's goalkeeper Kurtova, because the latter's contract with the Chelsea club only one year.

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