The 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs continued to compete in the Easte

  • The 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs continued to compete in the Eastern Conference finals. The Washington Capitals, who won the last game, continued to serve as Tampa and challenge Tampa Bay Lightning. As a result, the capitalists have more flowers, 6-2 victory over lightning, and won two straight away games. In this game, the capitalists did not make adjustments to the lineup. The second team striker, Nicklas Bakstrom, continued to miss the injury. The Lightnings also did not change the lineup. The goalkeeper was on the position of the Brad Hurst of the Capitals. Than will challenge the Lightning team Andrey Vasiliev.


    Only 28 seconds after the opening, the capitalists took the lead and the captain Alex Ovechkin drew the ball to the floor of the lightning team. After the match, Yevgeny Kuznetsov took the ball to NHL 18 Coins the wall. Returning to the Blue Line, follow-up guard Matt Nisiknan made an unremarkable long shot in exchange for space for the substitutions, but the ball received Tom Wilson from the capital in mid-range. After a midfield relay, the ball crossed the Vasilevski network after refraction, leading the 1-0 capitals.

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