Due to coach Gruden and chose to join the Raiders

  • Linebacker Derrick Johnson officially became a member of the Oakland Raiders this week. He discussed with reporters at the press conference on Wednesday why he had joined the Raiders.

    Johnson had 13 seasons for the Kansas City Chiefs and was laid off in the offseason this year. He said there are many teams interested in him. He chose the Raiders because of the Raiders coach, but also because he felt that the Raiders had the most experience in using veterans who could make many contributions like him.

    "The Raiders give me the best chance. Jon Gruden is very attractive," Johnson said. "I came here to visit the team and talk to the coaching staff. Everything went smoothly. The Raiders had the best plans for  Buy Madden 18 Coins me at this age."

    Johnson did not reveal the details of the Raiders' plan for him, but he stated that he likes the raid's defensive system because this system can make the linebacker perform brilliantly.


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