The good news is that there is plenty of depth to NHL Threes

  • The featured game mode for NHL 18 is a newly innovated 3-on-3 arcade style hockey experience called NHL Threes. The motivation behind this game mode was to create an outlet for casual hockey fans who enjoy a fast-paced game with a heavy emphasis on big hits and plenty of goal scoring. It brings back memories of NHL 18 Coins games such as NHL Hitz, where you could just screw around for a few hours and create havoc on the ice.


    The good news is that there is plenty of depth to NHL Threes, as it comes with a full campaign mode, online/local team play, and head-to-head. It’s also rich with new arenas, fresh commentary, and plenty of in-game effects to keep your attention for hours on end. If you’re more into the online aspect of gaming, NHL 18 also offers the option of playing authentic 3-on-3 within the EA Sports Hockey League. as wellIt is the same as your standard EASHL game, minus two skaters, which opens up a world of possibilities. We’ve all seen how entertaining 3-on-3 overtime games are in real life, but imagine if they were 60 minutes in length?

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