Their 2nd and 3rd teams played well

  • The ratio of lightning to brown bears' goals is 10:9. Lightning has 12 chances to make it into 3 goals. Brown bears only have 5 chances but they also score 2 goals. The scoring patterns of the two teams are different. One team of the Lightning team played fairly well in this series. Stamkos, Kuchelov, and JT-Miller hardly scored when the equal number of  NHL 18 Coins opponents had the goalkeeper. Their 2nd and 3rd teams played well, especially Point 21 always came forward at a crucial moment; the Bruins team scored 6 goals in the first game, the last two attacks were weak, and it was difficult to score when the number was equal. Nash has repeatedly had a good chance of being wasted on the goal and can only rely on the goals of the strong group. It is not enough to compete in such a fierce playoff game. At the time of writing, the Brown Bears had a 2-2 draw with the blitz in the fourth game, which was to equalize the total score or get opponents to match points, just to see the performance of the third quarter.

    In the 4 duel, if all the scores were maintained with 1-1.2, 3-3, the ice hockey fans would really feast their eyes. The 28th game in the second round of the playoffs must have been a visual feast. If the tie-breakers still all win with the visiting team, it will be a unique scene.

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