Lukaku is very fast and physically strong

  • Scoccroft went on to say: "Lukaku is very fast and physically strong, and he is very experienced in the battle for high-altitude balls. No one can 'bully' Lukaku on the pitch and he treats the match Westham United's Winston - Reid is a very good center-back, but this season's Premiership opener, he was Lu Kaku completely defeated , Is the service 'Little World of FIFA Coins Warcraft' scored a very clever goal after the ghostly ball-free running, and later in the positioning ball attacking Reid broke the score when I saw that scene Feel like a 16-year-old striker, rolling a 12-year-old defender in play. "


    In Lucca's use, Scoccroft made his own offer to Mourinho, who believes that Manchester United should change the 4-4-2 formation, because only "Little World of Warcraft" can burst the maximum energy of. Scolacroft said: "If Manchester United want Lukaku to go one step further, then they must make adjustments tactically, in addition to midfielder teammate must be around the Belgians to organize and guide the offensive Last week, I watched the Manchester United away to the Champions League playoffs in Seville, serving Lukaku often get the ball in the case of isolation, from his nearest teammates, often also have 40 yards away, This is certainly not the case, and I think the overall size of Manchester United was too far behind in the game, and if the Red Devils dared to push it all the way, Lucca had long shot Sevilla into a sieve. "

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