The backward Penguins team did not relax

  • The first 4 minutes, the Jaguar attack, Keith - Yandell sent accurate long pass, three forward Dennis - Margen and Vicente - Trochic get the first two opportunities. The former sent subtle oblique pass, piercing the defense of the Penguin team found Trochet, the latter stabbed at close range, due to  NHL Coins the distance too close, Jari on the ball helpless, 1-0 Puma team lead.


    The backward Penguins team did not relax, they did not fall behind in the scene Jaguar, Sinny - Crosby continuous use of excellent technology to help the team create the offensive, and finally in the 13th minute, Penguin two sets of forwards to seize the opportunity to equalize score. Defender Jamie - Olevisac in the front court to withstand the pressure of the Puma defensive team sent a cross, the center of the floor area of ??the two sets of center Yevgeny - Malkin inverted triangle, the horse rushed partner Carl - Ha Glenn close stabbed the equalizer.

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