The third quarter competition 9 minutes 45 seconds

  • The third quarter competition 9 minutes 45 seconds, the capitals Lars - Ehrlich hit shot in the middle of the small watts saved. Two minutes later, the capital of the number one player Ovitzchkin stood out, he took the ball in the left side of the ball a small angle position after the ball in the post-slip swept the ball goal, this is his season The first 36 goals, the capital will chase the score 2-3. In scoring goals this season, after scoring this season, another from Russia, the genius Kucheruo Fu immediately with color. 12 minutes and 58 seconds, he received Breton - Kebang's backcourt pass, the use of NHL Coins fake fool Holtby break scores. The final lightning team 4-2 defeated the capitals.


    The game, both sides did not make adjustments to the line-up, the goalkeeper position, back to back play King sent on the bench Darcy - Quimper, and jets continue to send the main Conner - Hellebay.Opening, home jet battle took the obvious initiative, the first 3 minutes, the team's forward group stormed the frontcourt, the left Kyle - Conner 3 consecutive shots, so Quimper made a continuous save, Power to protect the city without losing. However, the first five minutes, the Kings continuous foul after giving 5 to 3 jet opportunities, the jet captain Blake - Weilu on the right side of the offensive, although his first shot was destroyed by the Kings, but the jet Reorganized the attack, Ville shot again in the same position again, the ball is very tricky, straight channeling angle near the corner of the net, 1-0 jet lead.

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