Guardiola led the final ten to reach the cup final

  • Guardiola led the final ten to  FIFA Coins reach the cup final, 10 games won nine games, 90% win rate, melon handsome Cup results in the high-scoring high fear. Not only that, in this season's Premier League, Manchester City and Arsenal also had a fight, the results of Manchester City 3-1 defeated the gunners to win.


    At the last Manchester United against Chelsea at Old Trafford, Mourinho understood that there was a need for some special tactics to stop Azar. Last season the two teams clash in April, the Belgians were the best state at the time, the best performance of the players. Not only that, in the previous confrontation, he also demonstrated the former coach feel embarrassed determination.


    The first confrontation was in October, Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge for the first time, Ajar's performance was excellent, scored the third goal of the Chelsea campaign, and instigated the team's fourth ball to help the Blues 4 to 0 win. Later in March, the Blues struggled against Manchester United again in the FA Cup quarter-final at Stamford Bridge and the Red Devils tried to contain a series of fouls to deter Azar's foul. Chelsea eventually won 1 to 0, Ajar once again become the protagonist of the game.

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