Hass team manager Stena said in an interview

  • Adrienne Horner, manager of Red Bull Racing, believes the modified 2018 tire rule will mean that a stop-gap fight staged at the end of last year will not be repeated. Test data after the Abu Dhabi station shows that Pirelli's newly developed pink-to-soft tire has become the beloved of the Red Bull team, but Horner believes Pirelli still has room for LOLGA improvement in this tire's research and development.


    "The quarterly final test after Abu Dhabi was crucial and both of our regular drivers attended the test and we did everything we could to get the tire data for the new season to be kept for analysis until winter. Everyone stop such a boring tactics, all the tire formula to softer will only make the game more exciting. "


    Hass team manager Stena said in an interview with the media that Hass had prepared for the title sponsorship similar to "Alfa Romeo-Sauber". At the end of last year, the president of Ferrari, Machione, had no secret to say that it was possible to bring the Maserati brand back to the Formula 1 race, and the way to return was to rename the Haas team.

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